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HybridSystems are the key for a secure and sustainable energy supply of our buildings.
Our latest EHS media releases
Please read our press releases and inform yourself first-hand about current developments in our company.
Representatives of print and online media are invited to contact our media office: Cornelia Heindl -
Energy concept for new corporate office of Kühl GmbH
February 2018, Cornelia Heindl
EHS has contribute expertise in BSE-planning the new corporate office of Kühl Entsorgung & Recycling Süd GmbH. The complex includes the administration building and production hall which should be supplied in an energy-optimized, sustainable and economically efficient way. The energy concept focuses on low energy consumption and maximum comfort which requires a different and forward-looking approach.
TSG 1885 Augsburg commissions new systems engineering
January 2018, C.H.
The year could not have begun in a better way: TSG 1885 celebrates the inauguration of its new engineering system and gets off to a climate-friendly and sustainable start to the new year.

The innovative energy-concept projected
by EHS GmbH has been installed professionally by the team of Graule Gebäudetechnik GmbH & Co. KG. The focus is on hybrid-heating-technology which connects different heat sources in an efficient way - with maximum integration of renewable energy sources. Following technologies come into operation: a modern gasoperated combined heat and power plant, peak time condensing gas technology, solar-thermal and PV plant.

From now on, shower rooms will be supplied with freshwater-technology. As a conseqence fresh hot and hygienically clean water is available at any time without the need for a domestic hot water storage tank.

The future-oriented project was supported by BLSV, the city of Augsburg, BSSB and KFW.
Focus on combined heat -power - cooling processes
December 2017, C.H.
Energy consulting for the energy rehabilitation of the production sites of MVO GmbH with focus on system and plant technology was concluded successfully.

The innovative conception professionally planned and proposed by EHS GmbH takes into consideration the application of a modern gasoperated combined heat and power plant in combination with industrial sorption-assisted cooling. In this way the majority of the cooling demand for the production sites as well as more than 90 % of present electricity consumption will be covered. There is also the possibility of reducing the operational costs by installing a large thermal power plant.
Sustainability in practice
October 2017, C.H.
How best to achieve long-term energetic sustainability demonstrated the EBZ during the 'Ecumenical day of creation'. For the first time the training center presents its energetically redeveloped engineering rooms in public and offers guided tours to interested visitors.

The innovative conception professionally planned and implemented by EHS GmbH combines the elements heat and power to a modern hybrid system with an intelligent management that is able to control and store energy flows in an efficient way.

Especially the demonstration of the two combined heat and power plants attracted the visitors attention.

Thermicom® now independant
June 2016, C.H.
Thermicom®, the technical leading supplier of hybrid-heating-systems has started with a new independant company. The long search for a viable and sustainable solution has been completed succesfully in founding the Thermicom® GmbH.
As of now, the new company will use the growing market potential of our hybrid-heating-solutions. In addition to sales and service Thermicom® is also responsible for the production of its own hybrid-heating-products. For this purpose a hybrid-manufactory will be established at the new registered office in Schwabmünchen.
We are looking forward to cooperating with our new partner and we wish Joerg Lehnert as manager of Thermicom® all the best for starting a successful future. Further information: Cornelia Heindl,
Positive Balance
December 2015, C.H.
2015 was an eventful, work-intensive and successful year for EHS. Wether projects in the sector of BSE-planning, complex energy concepts or further development in hybrid-heating-technology, a throughout positive balance could be drawn. The management would like to thank all partners, clients and employees for their trust, reliability and commitment which contributed to making 2015 a successful year. We are looking forward to continuing good cooperation and many exciting projects in 2016! Further information: Cornelia Heindl,
Open Door at EHS
June 2015, S.E.
The latest developments as presented in the course of our Open Door Events received outstanding positive response. Therefore I owe gratitude for the joyful atmosphere and the feedback in the name of the development team of EHS.

Especially the profound conversations with the Thermicom® system partners help us to keep up to reality. This is what we urgently need for a further development of our products. The next event will take place on 09.07.2015. Anyone interested is invited to subscribe. Email to Cornelia Heindl,
Energy strategy EBZ Pappenheim
April 2015, S.E.
After more than three months of intensive work, our project design team has finished the energy strategy for the EBZ Pappenheim. Exceedingly positive is the fact that we received the first planning order immediately after delivering the strategy. Hence, there are nearly no more obstacles for the realisation of this major project within the following two years.
Thermicom® becomes independent
02.02.2015, Stephan Eisenbeiss.
EHS will transfer the brand mark Thermicom® at the earliest possible date to an independent company. Thermicom® can then react independently and flexibly to changes in the market and concentrate in the future completely on production and service.
At the moment we are holding interviews for potential new staff and associates for the planned Thermicom® GmbH.
If you are interested in joining us please contact: Cornelia Heindl,
Successful start in 2015
05.01.2015, Stephan Eisenbeiss.
The new year got all to a good start: EHS took over the Eisenbeiss Solar AG’s assets. A heartfelt “Welcome back!” to our staff, partners and customers at Thermicom.

This takeover has paved the ways for the positive further development of our hybrid heating systems in all areas.
Together we will make 2015 a year to be proud of.

EHS on track
10.11.2014, Stephan Eisenbeiss.
Talks with other potential development partners have so far progressed very positively. I assume that we obtain concrete results in the coming weeks.
EHS - 20 years of innovation
September 2014.
EHS celebrates 20 years of innovation under the sun logos. Just in time for this anniversary, Stephan Eisenbeiss, former initiator and founder, comes "back on board" again and takes over management of the EHS after four years of development work.
EHS - pure innovation
June 2014.
Stephan Eisenbeiss's Engineering Firm and ZA GmbH bring together the sectors of controle technology, energy concepts and BSE planning under the umbrella of the EHS. EHS starts now as a pure developing company and becomes an innovative service provider for the energy sector.
Energy-concept for Kühl GmbH
Febuary 2018, C.H.
Economic sustainability is the focus for the new corporate office.
Commissioning by TSG 1885 Augsburg
January 2018, C.H.
Cause for a celebration: TSG has made a climate-friendly start to the new year!
Focus on combined heat - power - cooling processes
December 2017, C.H.
MVO GmbH has got a new sustainaible energy concept.