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HybridSystems are the key for a secure and sustainable energy supply of our buildings.
EHS hybrid-systems - connecting competence
EHS proven hybrid-heating-systems connect different heat sources according to "plug and heat" principle. The heat energy from renewable sources can be integrated efficiently because of intelligent regulation and optimized storage technology. In this way individual heat sources become a future-proof supply system that offers clear advantages for boiler manufacturers, distribution partners, installers and, naturally, for all clients:
- Advantages for boiler manufacturer
best operating conditions, low-maintenance operation, high efficiency due to coordinated time behaviour, perfect integration
- Advantages for distribution partners
customer-oriented solutions, higher turnover due to additional sale of heat sources, strong response because of high operational reliability and major potential for savings
- User benefit 1: security of supply
freely selectable energy mix according to the "plug and heat" principle
- User benefit 2: health
hygienic freshwater technology
- User benefit 3: economic efficiency
up to 60 % energy savings
- User benefit 4: environment
highly efficient integration of renewable sources
- User benefit 5: comfort
location-independent control via smartphone or Tablet-PC, intuitive user interface
EHS-hybrid heatings among 5 and 300 kW heating load
EHS offers hybrid-heating-systems for almost every application. The integration of the eco-electricity side is just as possible as the integration of solar collectors or tiled stoves.
Energy-concept for Kühl GmbH
Febuary 2018, C.H.
Economic sustainability is the focus for the new corporate office.
Commissioning by TSG 1885 Augsburg
January 2018, C.H.
Cause for a celebration: TSG has made a climate-friendly start to the new year!
Focus on combined heat - power - cooling processes
December 2017, C.H.
MVO GmbH has got a new sustainaible energy concept.
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